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Luxury Face and Body Care

CREAM & SUGAR by Reiko



“I Want It All” Collection

A comprehensive anti-aging and skin renewal collection. Choose any one item from each category and receive all of your essential products for around-the-clock care:

Includes Day cream, Night cream, Refreshing spritzer, Serum, & Eye Treatment.

This set aims to provide a complete skincare routine by addressing multiple aspects of skin health and appearance. It’s designed to combat signs of aging while promoting overall skin vitality and renewal.

Sale Price $130

Suzanne from IG

Pomegranate & Silk Cream great for dry skin…

Absolutely loving my face cream from you. It’s wonderful!


EM from IG

Blue Copper Drops

I love her Blue Copper Drops sooo much!


Kelly from IG

Cashmere & Collagen!

It absorbs into my skin so quickly and makes it feel like velvet!


Carly Shae from IG

Clean Moisture.

This is probably one of the best moisturizers I’ve ever used!
Excellent stuff!


Stephanie from IG

I’m so excited!! 

The rose spritz is my favorite ❤️

Stephanie G

Kristen’s Review

My skin has been glowing and getting so many compliments!!!

Thanks to the last year of using Blue Copper Drops serum, Brightening Vitamin C oil serum, Cashmere and Collagen face cream, and Orchid Stem Cell Eye Cream!! All products by Cream and Sugar by Reiko!! I use them all everyday, I’m so grateful to have discovered these magical elixirs!!!


Silk & Shea Butter Hand Cream

“This lovely hand cream softens beautifully without leaving greasy residue…

It leaves hands feeling soft and holds moisture in throughout the day. It also rescued my teenager’s chapped hands and wrists. (She’s an artist and must wash her hands many, many times a day.)”


Skin Firming Night Cream

“I love love love this night cream!

It leaves my skin so soft and dewy. I have rosacea on my cheeks and a lot of creams irritate my skin. Not only does this cream not irritate my face, it actually makes my skin feel so calm and soothed. I love pampering my face each night with this cream and waking up every morning with an amazing glow!”


Body Butter

“This is a MUST BUY!!!

I am picky and this is my favorite body butter. It’s light, creamy and actually hydrates my skin. I put it on my hands every night and the orange cream smells heavenly! It doesn’t leave your skin greasy like most others do! Thank you for your handcrafted products.”


Blue Copper Serum

“Reiko is a master artisan when it comes to skincare…

We tried this blue copper serum & it works for most skin types! Many of our friends have commented & mentioned that our skin looks better overall after using/incorporating this product in our nightly skincare routine for more than a couple of weeks!

My partner & I benefit from this serum despite having completely different skin types. She is amazing as well, so kind & always has your beauty goals in mind! Forever a client of hers ♥️ thank you Reiko!”


Dedicated to Natural Skin & Body Care

About Me

Cream and Sugar was created by me, Reiko Kaneshiro, a stay-at-home mom with a dream of making effective, affordable skincare for EVERYONE to feel and look their best. At 49 years old, I am determined to keep myself, and you, looking as youthful as possible for as long as I can. Obviously, there are other ways to look younger, but they are also more expensive and invasive. My goal is to offer anti-aging skincare products to everybody. All products are made with the richest of ingredients, and most items include peptides for a more enriched and effective product. This is a woman-owned, handcrafted, small-batch, and cruelty-free small business.